WEBINAR: Capture More Seller Leads


This week, we hosted a webinar detailing 3 ways to generate seller leads. If you missed it or  want to watch it again, it can be viewed here.   Here were the three ways we discussed in the Webinar: 1. Nurture

Use a drip marketing email campaign to provide valuable dynamic information about the reader's property. The example here shows the estimated value of their house, the month-over-month change, and the recent home sales price trends, with recent sales easily displayed. Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.22.03 PMSuper easy to read and digest, points to agent

If you are thinking of implementing this tool, keep in mind:

  • Keep it simple.  Limit the data you display to keep it clean and easy to read.
  • Keep it consistent.  Send it the same time every month so it becomes something the reader expects.
  • Highlight the changes.  We put the percent change in the subject line and represented it graphically in the e-mail.  This makes it seem timely and relevent, which will help increase open rates.
  • Drive to the agent.  In this example we literally have an arrow pointing to the agent.  When the reader is ready to reach out to an agent - they will know exactly where to go.

2. Property Specific Landing Page 

Display estimated values, local sales trends, specific transactions, funnel to local agents, offers option to subscribe to a monthly report, which ties back to drip marketing.  This is a good example of a property landing page.

If you're thinking of implementing this tool, keep in mind:

  • Load it Up - This is where you can have a lot more information and this is your chance to engage sellers and build credibility.
  • Know your Audience - Design your content around sellers.  What do they care about most?
  • Test, Learn, Iterate, Test - Have a feedback loop so you understand how sellers are interacting with your landing page.  Don't be afraid to move things around or reprioritize to make it more effective.

3. Interactive Landing Page Use an interactive web app that allows the user to enter an address of interest and see value on the current market. Make the model interactive by allowing  the user to adjust condition of property and customize tScreen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.21.54 PMhe estimated value of their property by adding or removing properties or features. This will engage the consumer with a more interactive tool.  

If you're thinking of utilizing this tool, keep in mind:

  • Track- If you add these interactive buttons on the site, make sure you can track them on the back end so you see how sellers are interacting with this tool
  • Experience - A tool like this is going to be more involved for the consumer and may be more sophisticated.  It might not be right for everyone.
  • Confidence - The benefit of a tool like this is that the consumer feels more empowered and can move forward with confidence.

We have the data or the solutions to develop each (or all!) of these tools for you.  Let's get started.  We can discuss what you're trying to achieve, your budget, your objectives, your timeline, and figure out the best way to move forward.  Please give me a call at 626.747.0190 or e-mail me at imonko@onboardinformatics.com so we can discuss.

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