Use case: Tagging listings to a particular school or district


This is part 2 of 6 in our series on using School Attendance Zones to solve user engagement and conversion challenges. Thanks for reading! If a user indicates school search as important, why not display corresponding info with each listing?

Today let's tackle one of the most fundamental ways to leverage School Attendance Zones along with your existing content.

Last week we discussed how to first get people to your site using this content. Now you've got them on your site, how do you architect the data properly to push people on the right steps in their journey?

Simply tagging listings to their corresponding attendance zone has many potential payouts:

  1. First, a user is able to visualize a listing and immediately see which school(s) it "belongs" to. You can then showcase the right supplemental school reviews, test scores, and GreatSchools rating for each grade level for parents with multiple children.
  2. Tagging each listing to a school is another touchpoint layer for users to interact with listings in a specific area.

    Users can find all matching listings within a particular school or school district if you enable a front-end search for these listings.

  3. Many map-based results displays which can add valuable cross-linking for SEO benefit (we will get to these in part 3 of our series).

We have a few clients taking the first step of tagging listings (either theirs our ours) with schools so that they can take the next steps in website functionality with School Attendance Zones.

Want to see more? Let us walk you through the full potential of our school content. Join us next time as we dive into visualizing this information in several different map-based formats.

Read on for Part 3: Visualizing School "Coverage Area" and Other Info on a Map.

Update: To learn more, watch our new School Attendance Zones webinar, available for free streaming.