Use case: Searching for homes based on school ratings


This is part 4 of 6 in our series on using School Attendance Zones to solve user engagement and conversion challenges. Thanks for reading! There has been plenty of buzz lately around engaging the right prospects at the right time with the right content. It's an important strategy to have in place, since the consideration and online research phases can take upwards of 2 years as this beautiful buyer journey infographic from our friends at MarketLeader points out.

Often times, buyers close to contacting an agent are far enough in their search to where they are searching for homes assigned to particular schools or districts. What if they haven't gotten to that point yet? What if they are not finding homes or areas that meet their needs in a particular school district? Will your website tell them to start over or are you guiding them down a path to find similar areas to match their needs?

One way of doing this is allowing the user to search for highly-rated GreatSchools institutions. This lets the parent-to-be investing in their future to move forward with their home search by exploring area schools. It also allows parents who may have hit a wall within a certain district find other matching areas to suit their needs. You can do this on when an ice tray doesn't match your needs - why not for a way more crucial decision? (Unless you really really like your drinks that case, I apologize.)

Listing School Content such as GreatSchools ratings, test scores, and reviews are a great start. Search is the next natural progression, as you can see in this example:



See you back at OnBlog next time as we discuss the benefits of showing homes that are served by multiple grade levels.

Update: To learn more, watch our new School Attendance Zones webinar, available for free streaming.

Image Credit: Wikimedia