Say Hello to The Onboard Report


For the longest time (four and a half years), we’ve been sending Monthly Newsletters to our Onboard clients. These Newsletters combined Onblog highlights with note-worthy Onboard news and delivered them to our clients’ inboxes. They kept our clients informed of our most important updates and company news. All was well. But now we want to do more. Sending out a monthly overview of Onboard’s updates and news can be informative but omits all the voices and industry news our clients could be tuning into. Also, limiting the recipient of these monthly recaps to just Onboard clients takes away the full potential this resource can have for every professional in our industry. Not to mention every email today is likely to be looked at only once before getting lost in the black hole of the recipient’s inbox. So what are we to do?

R.I.P. Onboard Monthly Newsletter. Say hello to The Onboard Report.

The Onboard Report is a monthly cultivation of data, tech, and real estate news. It not only delivers Onboard’s news from time to time; it opens up what was previously a one-sided discussion to a well-rounded, unbiased monthly recapon what’s happening in the world of data, technology, and real estate. The Onboard Report will pull in various voices, sources, and opinions to best illustrate each month’s most important trends.

Best of all, The Onboard Report will reach a wider audience than our Monthly Newsletters. In addition to Onboard’s clients, monthly update notifications of The Onboard Report will be sent to other influencers, partners, and leaders in our industry.  Access The Onboard Report right here, bookmark it, and return to it for future reference.

We are thrilled to provide this monthly resource of industry news. We hope The Onboard Report fuels insight and value while driving growth for your business.

All feedback and suggestions are welcome in the comments section below.