Is the Sales Funnel Dead and other Engaging Questions....


Lately, it seems most of our conversations have centered on consumer engagement.  You can see it in our blog.  Everything from the impact of data personalization to our content marketing series all revolved around that common theme. The reason Onboard is focused on engagement is because it’s what our clients are focused on.  They are constantly trying to improve and refine their engagement strategies and often turn to us for collaboration and assistance.

Because it’s their focus, it’s become mine as well.

Next month we’re excited to sponsor at Inman Connect to roll out a broader offering of tools designed to engage and excite consumers.  As part of our participation, I’ll be leading a discussion on the sales funnel called "Is the Sales Funnel Dead?".  Our panelists include Jennifer Marchetti from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Dave Friedman from Boston Logic.  It promises to be an interesting conversation on changing consumer expectations and what it means for real estate.

And while members of the Onboard Team have questioned the relevance of the sales funnel, I don’t think this panel is about the sales funnel at all. I think it’s about engagement.

There is no question that consumers are agile and the way we interact with them needs to be too.  We’ve seen the power of personalization firsthand with engagement systems like AddressReport, but it goes beyond just an e-mail or a website. It goes into what consumers expect on a fundamental level and how real estate technology can help us deliver on those expectations.

My team members are speaking at Inman as well.  Scott Petronis previewed some of his discussion last week on using data you have today to gain consumer insight.  Erin Gilbert will be presenting a visual demonstration of where technology is today and real estate’s future.  Marc and I will both be joining panels on the power of technology and the capability of data and we’re excited for it all. But at the end of the day, for me and so many others, it all comes down to engagement.

If you plan on attending, please schedule some time with us to see what we’ve been working on.  It’s exciting and it’s a direct result from the conversations we’ve had with all of you.  If you’re not planning on attending Inman next month, we will be sharing our talks and panels in the coming weeks and months and are happy to demo  our solutions anytime.  Find out more and sign up here.

I don't have all the answers, but I'm excited to pull together some very smart people so we can start to figure this out together.  At the very least, I promise it will be engaging.