Running for Boston


The Boston Marathon tragedy was a shocking event that affected not only the morale of our country, but sporting events everywhere. Support poured in from all over the nation. The country became Boston.  Even the most loyal Yankee fans were rooting for the Red Sox.

Many runs across the world took place over the weekend to express solidarity with the runners, friends, and family of those affected by the bombing.  People run for various reasons: health, weight loss, and stress relief to name a few. The biggest concern for runners is knee and ankle injury.  No one would ever get to a race and think, “I won’t be safe during my run.” Yet, tragedy happened.

It’s too soon to predict how the bombings will affect running as a community overall, but it didn’t keep more than 6,000 participants from running in the City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks held at Central Park this weekend. New York Road Runners, along with NYPD, took extra precautions to ensure the safety of participants.

Running behind a sea of back bibs that read, “I run for…BOSTON” brings perspective on how Americans support each other during trying times. Seeing spectators cheer and wave American flags as runners crossed the finish line reminds us that tragedies such as last week’s event will not shake our faith in our country, and most notably, in ourselves.

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