Richest Cities in US and What it Means for Your Business


Recently Fox News and utilized US Census Bureau data to create the top 10 richest counties in the US.  The information was based exclusively on median household income.  Loudoun, Fairfax and Howard counties landed in the top three. Likely this type of content will drive a lot of traffic to Fox News and and get picked up by other local publications whose readers might have an interest in this data.  That is part of the power of local data – the power to generate impressions, traffic, and awareness to your brand.

We love exploring local data here at Onboard, so we thought we’d take this a step further.  We looked at that Census data (and added our current year estimate calculations), but combined it with another statistic – total household expenditures.  As the article states, it’s not just what you earn, but cost of living that influences how wealthy you feel.

Here is the top 5 list we came up with:

Loundon County

Loudoun County

Still on top is Loundon County.  Residents enjoy a high median household income at $117,680 and household expenses of $54,093, creating a difference of $66,207.  That’s some serious spending money!

Arlington County

Arlington county

Arlington County moved up the list.  With median incomes at $101533 and expenses at $39234.

Los Alamos County

los alamos

New to the list was Los Alamos County in New Mexico.  With a median income of $107178 and expenses around $44440, they had an average of $62738 left over.

Howard County

howard county

Howard County in Maryland fared well in this regard.  Median income $108647 and expenditures at $49693 leaving a difference of $58954.

Fairfax County

fairfax county

Fairfax County made both lists, though moved down from #2 on the household income list to #5 on ours.  Expenditures in this county were at $52510 leaving a difference of $57716.

The point of all of this goes beyond creating lists.  It goes to show that having a variety of information can start to create a more dynamic, interesting picture of an area.  How data points are contrasted to provide context helps that picture tell a compelling story.

And this compelling content can impact your business.  Major publications use it to drive traffic or brand awareness, but it’s effective in every stage of the real estate sales and rental cycles as well.  At Onboard, we help clients take it further - all the way to converting the traffic to tangible opportunity.

If you’re interested in learning more about the power of local data, contact us today.