Here's how you can be Cold Year-round


I have a feeling that if I walked downstairs and did a straw poll of New Yorkers who've spent the last few months traipsing through their grid in the bitter wind and permanent slush, no more than a crazy few would answer "yes" to whether or not they'd like to spend their retirement in a cold climate. But as we are sometimes reminded, there is a world that exists outside of New York, some of which would rather spend their golden days by the fire or on the slopes.

U.S. News & World Report just released 10 Winter Wonderlands for Retirement, powered by Onboard Informatics data and the Best Places to Retire tool we recently collaborated on. For this set of retirees, U.S. News looked for places that are likely to be covered in snow for most of the winter. From there, they screened for places with prime access to hospitals and medical care, affordable housing, and a reasonable cost of living.

Here are the top pics for winter retirement bliss:

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