Recent enhancements to Lifestyle Search


We have recently made a number of enhancements to our Lifestyle Search Engine. The product has generated a good deal of positive reviews from our clients, including BHG Real Estate, Coldwell Banker, Exit Realty, NY Daily News and Prudential Fox Roach, that have implemented the search engine and from end users who are using the application on client sites. That being said, there are always ways for a product to be improved and these recent enhancements have addressed the needs of our clients. First, Brokers are now able to submit custom boundaries to the system. Previously, a home buyer could use the Lifestyle Search Engine to search within either a state, county or metro area. Based on their criteria, i.e., "are schools important," "does the area need to be fun and hip," etc., the search engine would recommend neighborhoods, zip codes and/or city/towns that matched the criteria. This helped consumers narrow down their search for homes by focusing on those areas.

Some brokerages may have a very specific market coverage that can't be defined by just a county or metro area. In these cases there was concern in highlighting areas to consumers where the broker did not actually have any listings. Brokers want to highlight their listings and showcase the areas only in their market.

We have now changed this where Brokers can also allow a search only within their market area. The broker no longer needs to worry about having to show neighborhoods, zips or city/towns where they do not have listings. The product works in the same way, but now, only those areas fitting the criteria the user entered will be returned. This ensures a smooth user experience where home buyers can search for local areas and listings on a broker site.

Secondly, we have two smaller enhancements that will help developers as they work with the API. One is the increase in the number of attributes that can be submitted to the system in each request. The maximum has been increased from 10 to 20. The other is the number of results that are returned for each child geography. 10 results within each child geography were previously returned, but developers now have the ability to display up to 20 within each child geography.

We hope that these enhancements will help those clients that are currently using the product. If you would like to discuss these further, please contact our Support team at

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