Releases Best Places Field Guide

Sun.jpg just released a field guide of "best places" lists from various outlets. Whether it's best places to live, find a job, raise a family, or build a career - various publishers take a stab at compiling their picks for best places each year. Onboard Informatics is the unsung hero, if you will, of many of these stories (9 of 41 on the list, to be specific). I must give a caveat that not all Best Places stories are created equal. Of course, my "best place" is going to look a lot different than a golf-loving, family-focused mom of 3 from the Midwest; the level of subjectivity here has prompted several of our clients to create Best Places search tools (using the same data as our Lifestyle Search Engine) and niche lifestyle stories.

But when it comes to America's Safest Cities or Top-Earning Towns, having bulletproof data and a methodology to match are the only ingredients that are going to churn out a story worth anyone's while. Additionally, having good screening criteria is just as vital as the data itself (it will ensure that the places selected truly represent the focus of the story). The consequence of not putting this care into editorial? Well, we've certainly seen instances where skewed numbers and liberties taken with the criteria have led to certainly less-than-perfect outcomes.

As always, we thank and congratulate all our publishing clients who turn to us year after year for help in producting the most accurate and engaging Best Places work.

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