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listings1Businesses across all industries have been working feverishly to keep up with the economy. Are we still in a recession? Are we on our way out? Do I invest now to be ahead when it's over? Do I cut back to stay above water until it's over? These are the questions business owners are asking themselves and have led many to a major crossroad in evaluating the consequences of how they answer the questions that impact the success and life of their business.

We are no different.

Since we launched the first version of our property listing product at Inman in January of 2009 we too have been working diligently to keep up with our clients and the market's demands.  While it hasn't been the easiest road we are extremely confident in the decisions we've made to invest and work harder and smarter to be more efficient in meeting demands to stay on top through these tough times.

Last week was very exciting for us. We announced our new partnership with LPS Real Estate Group, formerly known as Cyberhomes, to easily deliver property listings to MLS approved participants and provide the ability to integrate them into their consumer facing websites.   This partnership has significant impact on real estate technology as well as what we are able to offer our clients.

The listings we are now able to provide our clients, undergo a rigorous process to ensure the data associated with these listings, is cleansed and normalized to ensure it is consistent, accurate, and searchable. The property search results are delivered as an XML to enable website developers to display the results (on consumer facing websites) in an approved manner based on the requirements of each individual MLS.

So taking a step back to see the big picture and recognize the most significant result from all this hard work over the past 8 months...

We've not only been able to increase our ability to quickly answer our client's and the market's need for a one source,  one-stop-shop for real estate content through partnering with the leading data aggregation company, but we've developed a way to deliver listings through our Listings Web Service, a single standardized manner, which adhere to individual MLS requirements. In addition to the standard search features, the Listings Web Service offers various search filters including beds, baths, price, and many other relevant preferences as set forth by each individual MLS rules and regulations.

There may be other providers of listings through IDX products or web services but there is no other provider of a single interface listings IDX solution delivered through a web service .  Not only can our clients and partners have access to listings through our web services, but they have the freedom and flexibility to build out and customize their listings with all our other local content.

What's the value?

One Source for all your real estate information needs

  • Property Listings & Photos
  • Community Demographics
  • School Profiles
  • Property Values
  • Nearby Establishments
  • Lower internal maintenance costs
  • Lower technology and licensing costs
  • More time to focus on core business needs
  • Up-to-date information via feeds and web service
  • Accurate information through rigorous quality control processing
  • Expert support to guide you through the development process

The hard work is paying off.

We're excited about where we are today in rolling out our listings platform and are eager for all the new developments to come and to see how our clients take advantage of this new and cutting edge technology.

We have been receiving a lot of questions around the new Listings Web Service. Scott Petronis, our Senior Director of Product Management, has put together a detailed FAQ list for our listings platform.

For more information on our Listings Web Service and how our solutions can best fit your needs contact us at 646.747.3899 or

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