The Real Estate Guide to Understanding Visitors


One of the areas everyone is hungry for but few have good access to is solid information on visitors and leads.  Many times, when a form is filled out on a website, the agent receives some basic information such as name, email address, and perhaps a specific listing the person was interested in.  That person is contacted and a conversation ensues around what are you interested in or what interests do you have. What if this information was already attached to the lead?  What if you knew their interests, search preferences, and how they changed those preferences throughout their search?

Once the user is engaged in a relevant search experience, they provide immensely valuable insight into what’s important to them and precisely where they want to live.  Here’s how to obtain and leverage such information to start a meaningful and fruitful conversation out of the gate:

Capturing Valuable Information about Your Visitors - Information capture, in many cases, seems to be an afterthought. What I mean is that a flow is defined and pages are built…then analytics are integrated into those pages. However, if you turn this around and think – “what do I want to capture as visitors make their way through my site?” – you will most likely think of different and perhaps better ways to create the flow and pages altogether.

Many sites now feature ultra-simple searches and a map-based response page. While this simplification may make for an elegant and streamlined experience, in many cases it results in lost opportunity. For example, creating an experience where there may be a simple search (e.g. single family homes for sale in Dallas, TX) but then the visitor is able to filter results based on his or her preferences offers the best of both worlds. So the visitor can narrow results based on attributes that are important to their lifestyle such as proximity to transit, a short commute to work, within highly rated schools, near a park or any other variety of important information. As the visitor selects these filters they are “telling you” the things that are important to them. In turn, this information is easily captured and can be used to guide further “offline” conversations.

Onboard provides a variety of search solutions that allow you to capture valuable information about your visitors. Our Lifestyle Search has customer profiling capabilities associated with a user’s lifestyle preferences, including their need for local mass transportation, highly rated school districts, and nearby amenities such as local golf courses. Our IDX Listings Search Engine also captures and reports useful information including a visitor’s desired property type, property amenities, desired neighborhoods and much more. We designed these offerings around both the search experience and the critical need to capture valuable information about what’s important to the searcher.

Leveraging Valuable Information on Your Visitors - Gathering information is just the starting point; it’s what you do with it that makes it truly valuable. Combined with aggregate visitor statistics, this information can give you a significant leg up to win over sellers, price listings right from the start, and market listings in the best places for quicker sales. Additionally, you can use this information to generate customized email campaigns only displaying the newest properties that are most closely compatible with your past visitors’ preferences. Perhaps most important, though, is the ability to attach this information to a lead so that the first conversation doesn’t have to start out in the dark.

Onboard works closely with our clients to determine how to best capture better insights and recommendations on how to leverage them once you have them.  We can also work with your agencies and consultants to help them dramatically improve results.

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