RE Webmasters Introduces New IDX Search Plugin


Yesterday Morgan Carey of Real Estate Webmasters received an astounding response following the release of REW's Demographics for IDX Listings plugin using Onboard Informatics community, school, and amenities data. This demographic and neighborhood content accompanies each listing to give brokers and agents powerful local market expertise though REW's optimized websites.

To accompany the release, REW is offering major production and site enhancement discounts for the first 100 subscribers to get their hands on the plugin. For those who have not yet implemented IDX and REW site design, they are also providing discounted installation packages along with the plugin.

Morgan explains the feature's potential for site owners:

"If it isn't obvious I am really excited about this new feature, and more importantly all the possibilities that now have opened up through our relationship with our various data vendors, in this case Onboard - now that we have this data licensed and available in raw form, this application is just the tip of the ice burg."

Let's take a look at an implementation on REW client Marc Rasmussen's site. A simple IDX search led me to this luxury property in Sarasota:

Luxury Sarasota listing

When a client wants to see what surrounds the house, they can look at Local Neighborhood Info, as displayed below:

Luxury Sarasota Real Estate neighborhood info As a potential buyer (err...someone who enjoys pretending they can afford beautiful waterfront houses), I discover via Google mashup the property's proximity to a farmer's market, chapel, dogsitter, diamond store (perfectly suited for my imaginary lifestyle), and a bakery among local schools and other amenities. I can also infer this is a tight-knit community based on its stable population and lower turnover rates. The characteristics of my neighbors, typical temperatures, and proximity to colleges and sporting events are listed clearly for me.

Real Estate Webmasters is an Onboard value added reseller partner equipped with real estate's most trusted local content to enhance their programming capabilities, as they have already done for Marc Rasmussen of Michael Saunders and Company. REW's design expertise is transforming home search with the power of showcasing the look and feel of a community.

We won't get ahead of ourselves, but there are a ton of exciting features in the works for REW customers.  Stay tuned on Morgan's blog for details and updates.