RE BlogWorld... Maybe Blogging isn't Just a Good Ego Boost


Ok, so for those of you, like myself up until this past weekend, that have no idea what this is...  RE  BlogWorld started two years ago bringing the real estate and mortgage industries to the world's largest (I'm guessing only) blogging and new media event.  The attendees consisted of real estate and mortgage professionals learning from the top new media and blogging personalities inside and outside of the real estate vertical.   And the best's held in Vegas!

Blogging has become such a phenomenon over the past few years, giving people a place to market their business, express opinions, communicate with clients, and for a lot seems like they just need a way to fill their ego.   This is where I come in...well, not the ego but wondering why people feel like their opinion matters. I found it interesting that all the leading blog writers admitted to the ego boost... I'll get back to that later.

It was interesting to be involved in something that's still so new.  All the speakers had successful blogs but for different reasons.  There's no set way yet...maybe there won't be.  Everyone discussed how they built relationships, how they generated good content... which I'm still not sure what constitutes 'compelling content' a term thrown around quite a bit, the logic behind the design, how to build traffic and so on.  There were a ton of great tips but the main things I heard over and over that help build a successful blog were LINK, LINK, LINK. Giving 'link love' they call it is the best way to build relationships and in turn build your blog. 

I'm new to the blog world so the weekend was definitely educational, but even more importantly I was able to meet the people behind the leading real estate blogs that have been creating such a buzz.  These are the people that to seem to really get where the real estate market is going.  In terms of technology, logistics, you name it.  They have more influence than I realized.  The opinions and discussions among these thought leaders is critical...maybe not at 3 am at the craps table, but...I guess what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas :)  So the egos that I spoke about earlier are good egos if it leads to problems being solved and money being made. 

Some of my new friends and leading blog writers...Check them out.

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