Onboard Announces Protection 1 Case Study that highlights their innovative online resource


Protection 1, the nation’s largest full service security provider, is featured in a recent case study published today.  The case study explores Protection 1’s online resource, created to better educate prospects and clients on potential security risks in their communities. Powered by Onboard data, this resource resulted in:

  • A traffic increase of 109% year-over-year to these pages
  • An increase in return visits and onsite engagement
  • Elongated customer life cycles
  • Increased online search results

“We have seen over 100% online traffic increase year-over-year to the pages that highlight this local information.  You can use [the data] in so many ways,” Protection 1’s Online Marketing Manager, Brandon Fleming stated. “Whether it’s driving traffic, retaining visits, customer engagement, newsletter content, retention, just local content, and conversion; this hits it all in one shot.”

Using Onboard Informatics’ crime data, weather risk data, population information, and more, Protection 1 reinforced the needs and value of security services and significantly boosted business performance.

“I have rave reviews from the public and employees,” Brandon said.  “It’s really been a lot of fun, a good resource to have, and it really does help to educate existing customers and prospects that are considering a company like ours as a service  provider.”

The case study breaks out the benefits Protection 1 saw from this implementation by customer engagement, decreased attrition, brand credibility, and more.

“At Onboard Informatics, it’s not about delivering local data,” said Marc Siden, Onboard CEO.  “It’s about helping our partners create a better experience for their customers.  Protection 1 excels in this and we’re thrilled to be a part of what they’ve created.”

To find out how Protection 1 maximized business performance using Onboard data,  view the entire case study here. As always, reach out to us to find out all the ways Onboard can help accelerate your business performance.