Presidential legacies


We're celebrating Presidents' Day on Monday, but some towns (and in Washington's case, states) are named to honor presidential legacy every day. So which presidents have the biggest footprints on the map? After digging into our databases (thanks Stephen!), we decided to look at the Zip level - as some of the other geographic levels overlap.

The runaway winner, with towns in 80 zip codes is...

Andrew Jackson, 80 towns

War of 1812 veteran and seventh president Andrew Jackson has his stamp in 80 zip codes across the country - unless I'm being naive and any of those towns are named after Michael.

The next in line, with a foothold in 57 zip codes is George Washington. He is closely followed by Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, and James Madison - unsurprising runners up as they all have footholds as major Midwest towns.

John Quincy Adams, Millard Filmore, Chester Arthur, Warren Harding, and Dwight Eisenhower do not have a town to call their own based on zip-level data. President Obama does not have any places on any level, though he does have this gas station in Detroit on lock.

If we look by county, Washington has the biggest footprint. He was a popular guess on Twitter.

Everyone have a great President's Day weekend!

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