Patch of Land Announces Public Fundraising on SeedInvest


Patch of Land, one of the fastest growing debt-focused real estate crowd funding platforms, announced the start of their public fundraising through an exciting venture with SeedInvest , a leading equity crowdfunding platform. Throughout the past year, via our Startup Wars program, Patch of Land has utilized Onboard’s data to help provide transparency for real estate crowd funding investments. Today, we are proud to have them as a client.  Since August 2013, Onboard has invested over a quarter million dollars in the future of startups that utilize local data.

With Patch of Land utilizing public crowdfunding financing to fund its own crowdfunding efforts, we can really see the power of public crowdfunding today.

To find out more about Patch of Land or their venture with, click here or help by making an investment. Otherwise, feel free to check out our recent webinar on how to succeed as a startup featuring Onboard Informatics CEO Marc Siden and Patch of Land Chief Marketing Officer AdaPia d’Errico.

Image Credit: About Patch of Land Webpage