Optimizing Real Estate Lead Generation through Engagement


Today, 92% of home buyers use the web during their home buying process.  But with 78% of home buyers visiting three or more sites before reaching out, how can real estate professionals ensure their website traffic is generating as many leads as possible? In the Optimizing Real Estate Lead Generation series, we investigate how to generate and convert more leads with less traffic by optimizing your search, engagement, and conversion initiatives. How do you ensure that your traffic engages with your site and becomes a lead? For the past several years, the top factor influencing where a buyer purchased a home was the quality of the neighborhood (The 2013 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers). Four easy steps to help your platform generate more leads using this information is to engage home shoppers by providing rich local content, linking unique content to properties,updating your data frequently, and offering a multi-platform experience.

Providing Rich Local Content

Home shoppers need more than a bedroom/bathroom count. They want information on the quality of the neighborhood.Local listings should correlate with the respective information home shoppers care about such as local crime rates, school district ratings, and transit options. Providing this highly valuable information allows home shoppers to explore the property and neighborhood in greater depth, increase time on site, build trust and loyalty to your brand, and more easily find their next home.

Linking Unique Content to Properties

If you have geographically-specific blog posts or other unique content, link back to the appropriate local landing pages on your site, complete with a list of featured properties and search functionalities to encourage people to explore all you have to offer. Doing so offers home shoppers a seamless route from learning about an area to searching for their next home in said area, all while staying on your platform.

Updating Your Data Frequently

Static data is boring, often inaccurate, and overtime its importance is de-raked by Google. Having data that is updated regularly helps enhance and maintain a highSERP rank and keeps your website relevant.Make sure your data vendor updates their data frequently and that your home shoppers have access to the most accurate, up-to-date data on the market.

Offering a Multi-Platform Experience

With 89% of new home shoppers using a mobile search engine in their research, be sure that the rich local content you implement on-site is compatible across multiple platforms. By doing so, you enable home shoppers to utilize and engage with your platform on-the-go and remain top of mind when they initially leave your site.Onboard Informatics offers an array of datasets and has worked closely with many of our clients to produce some industry leading, award winning mobile applications.

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Image Credit: Marketingfacts.nl