Optimizing Your Real Estate App for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


Optimizing Your Real Estate App for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus The latest iPhone generation is out and with homebuyers using their mobile devices 19% more than last year to look for listings, along with Samsung being nervous about the iPhone 6 competition, perhaps it’s time to focus your mobile presence specifically on the capabilities and possibilities of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Optimizing Websites

Despite what you may initially think, there’s not much updating to be done to real estate websites to comply with iPhone 6 capabilities. That is, if they are properly responsive. As @aardian put it:

Real Estate Apps


Responsive websites should conform to every different screen size, whether it’s a desktop, the iPhone 6 Plus’ 414 x 738 pixel display, or the iPhone 6’s 375 x 667 pixel display. So, instead of investing your energy in your actual website, focus your time on developing and implementing a mobile user experience home buyers haven’t seen before. Think outside of the box on all the possibilities iPhone 6 has to offer.

Optimizing Apps

With the iPhone 6, there are new possibilities for raising the bar on real estate apps. For example, taking advantage of the extra display room with enhanced images will enable a less pixilated home buying experience. Additionally, Apple has opened up access to its M8 chips so developers can run more graphic intense apps. Best of all, larger clearer images are only the start to what the iPhone 6 phones enable.

As seen in the Apple keynote, CNN has already taken the initiative to optimize their mobile app for the iPhone 6 capabilities. With the larger screen size and horizontal display capabilities, CNN incorporated two independent sliding panels. Why not adapt this to the real estate industry, complete with real-time listings, rich local content, and large images?



Even this concept can be enhanced to include multiple search filters as well as the ability to scroll through different local content data categories such as community information, points of interest, school data, and market trends.

Onboard’s Listings Search Engine, complete with large image capabilities, 25+ search functionalities, and real-time access to active listings, can help advance any real estate app to the next level. In fact, our client JP Morgan Chase was named the best publisher in listings syndication in the 2014 WAV Group Road Map to Listing Syndication for their My New Home App. Specifically, Chase was praised for “how they deployed Onboard Informatics community information to complete the listing”.

However, regardless if you’re a national brokerage, regional mortgage broker, or other, there are several potential app enhancements you can be incorporating to take advantage of all iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have to offer. Taking the initiative to enhance your strategy can elevate your mobile performance to the next level and optimize your home shoppers’ experiences. To learn more on all the possibilities for your real estate app, reach out to us, discuss your goals, and find out how we can help get you there.