Optimizing for the Home Buying Cycle: The Closing Stage


Home shoppers can spend months on multiple websites as they transition through the four Home-Buyer Life Cycle Stages of Discovery, Research, Selection, and Closing. In our Optimizing the Home Buying Cycle series, we uncover all the ways to align your website to the needs of each of these four stages in order to deliver a consistently optimized and impressively effective home shopping experience. As we progressed through the series, we’ve uncovered how to align your site for the needs of  the causal, daydreaming home shoppers in the Discovery stage, for the serious home shoppers in the Research stage, and even for the home shoppers closing in on their perfect home in the Selection stage. At this point in the home buying cycle, the Closing stage, your home shopper has found their perfect community and is signing for their perfect home. They have developed immense brand loyalty due to your offerings, and they have had a consistently optimized home shopping experience regardless of their Home Buying Cycle stage.

Although the Closing stage is the end of the Home Buying Cycle, the customer experience does not have to end here. Continuing your relationship with past clients can be a lucrative investment and means for future business and referrals. Whether it’s a hand written holiday card greeting them to their new home, a house warming package a week after signing, annual reports on the local market trend spikes, or annual AVM reports on their latest home, continuing the relationship past the closing stage through periodic, friendly interactions is a great way to retain and grow your clientele.

The Home Buying Cycle stages are all unique and each stage demands separate and distinct tools for optimization. To learn more on how to convert more leads through the Home Buyer Cycle, register for our free upcoming webinar, Close More Deals: The Art (and Science) of Converting Leads to Sales.

Image Credit: Flazingo Photos on Flickr.com