One World Trade: should it share a zip code?


Commercial Observer pointed out today that One World Trade won't fit the larger-than-life description as "so big it has its own zip code" (...I've been dying to work in a Richie Rich reference on here somehow):

"When it opened in 1971, the World Trade Center towers shared a single exclusive ZIP code, 10048. But when it is completed next year, the 104-story 1 World Trade Center building will be relegated to 10007, a zip code that includes dozens of other less notable buildings in its fold. But the World Trade Center isn’t New York City’s only building to have claimed a vanity ZIP code. Since the ZIP—or Zoning Improvement Plan—was instated by the United States Postal Code in 1963 in order to map out a more efficient delivery network, 43 Manhattan buildings—and their owners, of course—have earned codes exclusive to their address, either because of their great size or the number of people who occupy them."

The list is comprised unsurprising icons like the Chrysler Building and some more lesser-known skyscrapers - including our neighbor 55 Water with its Elevated Acre made the cut.

Is it vital for One World Trade to get its own zip code or is this practice outdated? Sound off in Comments.

Image Credit: Wikipedia