"Best Places to Raise Your Kids for 2009," Onboard and Business Week do it Again


When Business week decided that they would be doing the The Best Places to Raise Your Kids for 2009, they came to Onboard Informatics because anything less then the best data, best service, and most in depth expertise would not do.  Our experience working with other publishers is invaluable; it has allowed us to develop efficient processes and tools that optimize a publisher's ability to target their core demographic, while cutting out the headache and nonsense that traditionally arises when working with other data providers.

From the beginning, Business Week was adamant that they wanted places that would be representative of where regular people could live, everyone knows that Greenwich, CT is a great place to raise your kids; the goal was to identify where the "Joe Sixpack" families would live...

Together we were able to come up with filters that would cut out the overly wealthy and the economically impoverished cities leaving places where ordinary people could and would like to raise their children. Besides, using economic factors as a means to cut away cities, Business Week decided to implement population thresholds.

We can make your dollars hold up

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Image Credit: Mike Fernwood on Flickr.com