What is the Onboard Points of Interest API?


We are continuing our series on the APIs available fro m Onboard Informatics.  We have four APIs available: community, property, area, and Points of Interest.  Today we will explore  the Points of Interest API.  Onboard delivers data on every property in the country and their surrounding communities.   So what exactly is our Points of Interest API? API stands for Application Programming Interface.    Basically, it's a way for developers to receive information.  More specifically, an API receives requests and sends responses from a remote server.   Our Points of Interest API has data on the following:

  • Attractions and Recreation
  • Automotive Services
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Eating and Drinking
  • Education
  • Farm and Ranch
  • Government Buildings
  • Public institutions
  • Health Care Services
  • Hospitality
  • Organizations and Associations
  • Places of Worship
  • Personal Services
  • Pet Services
  • Shopping
  • Travel

Details on all the information available on the Points of Interest API can be found here: http://onboardinformatics.com/data/local-information/places/

Let's say you want to develop pages on your website that highlight points of interest in a neighborhood or a community.    This might be good information for a visitor to have to better understand a given community and decide if they want to move there.  This is how AddressReport, an online tool that provides information on any address in the country, displays this information:

AR POI Screen Shot

This type of page can be created through our Points of Interest API.   A developer would send a request for this data and receive the response in JSON that exposes the data.  This particular API delivery looks like this:



Request URL - POI API


Response Body - POI API

Implementation Tips

Business Duplication: Establishments are often associated with multiple business types or categories. For example, a Home Depot might be considered a hardware store, a garden center or an appliance store. When a business belongs to multiple business classifications, we deliver the business to you multiple times. Each instance of that business will have the same OB_ID.

The PRIMARY field can be used to determine the primary business practice at the location. If your goal is to display a set of unique businesses near a property we suggest you filter out any records from the display where PRIMARY = “OTHER”. This will ensure that each business is only listed once.

A Faster Way to Develop through APIs

If you are looking for a faster way to develop against this data, you can use a POI API that delivers responses in a whole web page or HTML (essentially presentational code).  So rather than just getting the data, you'll receive the data display which you can plug into your web page, blog, or site.

We call this type of API "Accelerate" because it speeds up your development process.  Here is an example of the Points of Interest API from Accelerate:

POI screen shot AXL The API process is the same, in that our developer platform will receive your request and send a response, however this response will be in HTML where it can easily be displayed on your site or application without further development or design work.   Both options are great depending on the type of project.   When developing against the Points of Interest API, you can either easily extract the data and use it however you want, or receive the HTML code that plugs into your site.

Regardless, the points of interest data is important in the journey of any home-buyer or home-seller.  Having easy access to this type of information will not only help your online visitors, it will build your credibility, generate more high quality leads, and ultimately drive new business.  If you're interested in finding more about our APIs, fill out the form below.