Onboard Mobile FAQ



What is ‘Onboard Mobile’? Onboard Mobile provides real estate companies with access to trusted neighborhood  and listings data, enabling their development team to create mobile sites and applications.

Onboard Mobile is a pre-defined data package that was put together specifically for the mobile market.  The data fields included will help developers since they have to deal with limited space on a mobile screen.  Onboard will help companies provide first-rate applications and web sites.

How is this different from other Onboard offerings? We have designed this product offering with the mobile market specifically in mind.  Our customers do not need to spend countless hours deciding which data is best for their application – we have already done the grunt work.  Just provide your developers with the data.

How can the data be accessed? The data is accessible either through bulk file delivery or web service.  Please talk to a Sales representative to determine how the data you are interested in is accessible. What type of companies will be able to utilize this information? The data sets contained in the mobile package are relevant for a number of different market segments.  Our local information is relevant to those in Real Estate, Financial Services, Media and much more.

Who is already using your data for mobile sites and applications? A number of reputable companies already power their mobile applications and websites with our data.  SmarterAgent is one of these companies, a leader in providing real estate information on the mobile platform.

When is this available? This offering is available immediately.  Please contact our sales team at sales@onboardinformatics.com to discuss how you can use this information in your current business plan.

Why the focus on the mobile market? Usage of Smartphones has exploded in the past couple of years.  Consumers want information instantly and are often not at a computer when they need it.  This is especially true within the real estate industry.  They want to know what are the listings in a market when driving through a neighborhood, or the value of a house that see when walking the dog or even the community characteristics when traveling to different counties.

Here are some interesting statistics on mobile usage: 1. According to TMP Directional Marketing’s annual local search study: a. 127 % more users accessed local content via downloaded applications on mobile devices, compared to June 2008 b. Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents in 2009 stated that they expect their search results to reveal businesses within 15 miles of their homes or places of work.

What is the pricing for the mobile package? The pricing is competitive and is designed just for those who are looking to build out their mobile applications and websites.  For current clients we will be more than happy to discuss how this offering fits in with their current data strategy.

Image Credit: Photosteve101 on Flickr.com