Onboard and Maponics Working Together


We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Maponics to incorporate their boundaries into our full range of products and services. This partnership reinforces our mission to deliver real business results to our clients by making the best local data easily available from one place. Onboard is now providing its clients with access to the largest database ever compiled for neighborhood and school attendance zone boundaries.  This partnership is a big step forward in our mission to bring together the best of the best in local information to foster innovation, growth and profitability.

As the partnership progresses, we will continue to solidify the details. Early reaction has been extremely positive, and we want to field some of the questions we’ve received so far.  Hopefully this will help provide clarity in understanding how this partnership may help your business:

Why did Onboard want to pull Maponics boundaries into their offering?

Maponics boundaries are considered the industry standard.  Onboard brings together the best of the best in local information so it seemed like a natural fit.

What do you mean when you talk about “boundaries”?

Boundaries enable an accurate view of defined geographies and target market areas.  So when you want to search for property by neighborhood, school district, carrier route, zip code, and more – you need to connect that piece of property to a specific boundary.  It makes the information searchable and relevant for the end user.  Having access to the best in boundaries means that clients of Onboard will be able to offer search at an even more granular level than what is offered today.

If I’m an Onboard client, how will this affect me?

You will still have easy access to all the local information you use today, but once the integration is complete, that information will be tied to the most complete and relevant boundary datasets available.

If I’m a Maponics client, how will this affect me?

This partnership will make integration of additional local information much easier.

When will Onboard have Maponics boundaries?

Details about the rollout are still being developed, however both companies are optimistic that Maponics boundaries will be available through Onboard before the end of the year.

What boundaries will be included?

We’ll likely begin with Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries™ and quickly follow with other popular datasets.  Eventually, our goal is to offer the entire suite of Maponics boundary products.

There’s so much more to talk about, but we’ll save that for another day.    In the meantime I will be at Inman Connect next week (August  4-6, 2015).  If you’ll be in San Francisco for this excellent event, please come on up and say “Hello!”—I’d be happy to tell you more about our relationship with Maponics and about all the exciting things Onboard has going on.

Image Credit: Chris Burke on Flickr.com