Did You Know? Onboard has Local Content for Canada!


Onboard has been providing local content and solutions to the real estate industry for the past 12 years. As we head into year 13, there are many new innovations we are excited to share. One of them is our recent expansion into the Canadian marketplace. For years, obtaining information about the area surrounding a property in Canada has been almost impossible. In the US, companies like Zillow and Trulia revolutionized the real estate industry by making neighborhood information readily available to the consumer. Their goal was to bring more transparency to the industry. Up to this point, not many in Canada have followed suit, mainly because the information is hard to collect, especially in a usable format.

Onboard has worked with many of the most successful brokerages, portals, media outlets and technology companies across the US. Expanding our offerings to include Canada has been discussed internally for years and the time has now come. The Canadian marketplace is ready, willing and able to increase levels of transparency.

In order to help companies in Canada provide their customers with deeper area knowledge, Onboard has compiled the following new data sets:

  • Community Demographics- (over 10,000 points of data available at various geography levels including: Neighbourhood, Census Subdivision and others)
  • Schools- (99% of public schools and 95% of private schools covered)
  • Points of Interest – (Millions of locations including: restaurants, bars, theatres, banks, etc..)
  • Boundaries- (Neighborhood, FSA, Census Subdivision, Market Area, etc..)

There are many ways to utilize the data including for SEO boosts, lead generation, search capabilities with mapping functions and more. Take a look at Remax Canada’s implementation of Onboard’s content below. They also allow users to search via neighbourhood on their website. Remax.ca has been a trail blazer, recognizing early, the possibilities of adding in-depth local content to their site and applications.


The bottom line is that there is demand for local content data in Canada. Consumers want to know more about an area before they make a decision. This demand is only growing and will eventually become ubiquitous in the Canadian marketplace.

Reach out to us to learn more about the different ways Onboard can help.