Onboard Informatics Officially Launches AddressReport as Part of Complete Consumer Engagement System


The system produces twice the industry open and click-through rates in early testing.   In direct response to real estate companies wanting to retain more of their online traffic, Onboard Informatics just launched AddressReport as part of a complete consumer engagement system powered by local data.

“We saw a distinct need in the market,” said Marc Siden, CEO of Onboard Informatics.  “We saw our real estate clients spending resources on driving site traffic and then losing the 99% who weren’t ready to contact an agent.  The buying process for home-shoppers is now over a year.  We wanted to provide something to the market that would engage that 99% until they were ready to make a real decision.”

AddressReport scans and interprets hundreds of millions of data points from Onboard to generate elegant property reports that can be embedded into real estate websites and include an agent’s branding information.  Online visitors can opt-into ongoing alerts on a property or area of interest.  The alerts are sent automatically on behalf of agents when something in that area or about that property changes.

“The dynamic data drives up the open rates,” said Scott Petronis, Chief Product Officer of Onboard Informatics.  “Over the past year we saw average open rates of 39%.  This is reflective of the fact that we’re personalizing content based on properties or areas these people care about using information that is changing, current, and relevant.”

In addition to the property reports and automatic alerts, the AddressReport system sen

ds ongoing usage analytics to help clients identify who is more involved and closer to making a decision.  Early adopters of the AddressReport system include HomeActions, HouseHunt, Realvolve, and Redefy.

“We saw AddressReport as a tremendous opportunity to help our clients stay connected with subscribers with personalized local content,” said Richard J. Koreto, Chief Content Officer of HomeActions.  “It is imperative to our value proposition that we keep our clients in front of potential buyers and sellers.  This is an effective way to do that.”

For more information on AddressReport or other data-driven engagement solutions, contact info@onboardinformatics.com.