'Tis the season to celebrate good deeds


...and do some of our own! Many businesses within our American communities dedicate efforts and resources to lift up those less fortunate. While so many do this every day, there is such "gusto" around the holidays. These selfless good deeds are done year 'round with hard work, good intentions and often sacrifice without recognition. So, at the Holidays we want to take the time to recognize YOUR business for giving back to YOUR community with a fun "giving" contest.

Entry is simple. Just email us at marketing@onboardinformatics.com. Tell us all about what you are doing to help your community - a Can Tree? A bake-sale? Secret Santa's for the needy? Feel free to send photos. We'll go through all of our entries and select a winner based on creativity and impact with the winning announcement to come on New Year's Eve. We'll donate $250 to the winner's charity-of-choice and tweet it all over! Get more money for your charity and some National hooplah for the good you are doing to help the community you serve!

Happy Holidays!

Image Credit: David Tomaloff on Flickr.com