Onboard Informatics and AddressReport Offer Turnkey Property Reports for Businesses


Consumers of all types are used to getting a lot of information before making a purchase.  Before heading to a restaurant for the first time, many people check out Yelp, Trip Advisor, or will simply Google the restaurant to get a sense of the atmosphere, menu, and prices. Before heading to the movies, many people go to Fandango to watch interviews with the actors or read peer reviews on Rotten Tomatoes – all before purchasing the ticket.  A simple movie trailer isn’t enough anymore – people are hungry for more information.

The same is true in real estate.  Home buyers and renters don’t want to move into a property without really understanding the ins and outs of the building, neighborhood, and history of the unit.  Some companies have emerged in the property reporting space to quench this thirst for property information through detailed reports.

Companies like RevaluateHomefacts, RealtyTrac and Housefax offer information on specific properties in exchange of contact information.  Consumers get the detailed information they crave and agents get qualified leads – a win / win.

As consumers grow more sophisticated, reporting tools are following suite.  The latest is AddressReport.  AddressReport scans and interprets hundreds of millions of data points from Onboard to generate easy-to-read, detailed reports that reveal the positives and red flags for any address -- eliminating the information gap and giving busy consumers the insights they need to make a better-informed moving decision.

Now, Onboard Informatics and  AddressReport are offering a turnkey solution to help businesses provide co-branded property reports on their websites. The reports include information on the property and neighborhood like school district ratings, commute statistics, crime levels, and local weather. With this solution, businesses can offer AddressReport’s custom reports to visitors, which will drive leads to agents and revenue to the bottom line.   View a video on this solution here.

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Photo Credit: Mark Moz on Flicker.com