How is OBI's School Data Updated?


faqBackground: A Director at an Indiana High School wrote in regarding outdated information for her school. While requesting the information to be updated, she wanted to know how we go about updating our School Information in general. Question: How is OBI's School Data updated?

Answer: Throughout the year we have an ongoing process for updating our school information. We aggregate information from many different sources to provide the broadest, most comprehensive dataset possible. Our process includes:

  • From June through mid-September we collect core data on public schools and school districts. That data is collected by phone to capture the latest changes in key district personnel, school openings and closures, and restructuring of school districts.
  • During our core update, we also update phone numbers, fax numbers, grade spans, enrollments and other data specifics regarding program offerings such as before/after school programs, etc.
  • On a rolling basis throughout the year, additional updates and verification efforts are performed through mail surveys, websites and telephone interviews.

What is also valuable is the input we receive from our clients and by extension, their customers. Data by its very nature is imperfect, dynamic, and perishable. Feedback from our clients and their customers help keep us abreast of possible errors or changes which are inherent in this kind of information gathering. So thank you for your question and keep them coming.

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