Onboard December Navigator Enhancements - GreatSchools Ratings and Reviews


Onboard Informatics is excited to announce the release of GreatSchools data into our Neighborhood Navigator product adding powerful support to our current school and community information services. Onboard’s unique partnership with GreatSchools means providing additional content for over 90,000 public and 30,000 private schools in our Navigator platform. Your users will benefit from having comprehensive profiles that go “beyond the numbers” to include a school’s culture and skill set, state test scores, teacher profiles, and even the physical condition of the school buildings which can be compared at a zip, city and state level .They will be able share what parents have to say about the school with their clients and give first hand parental testimonies, far better than any statistics.

Neighborhood Navigator users will be able to access 400,000 GreatSchools reviews, adding reviews at a rate of 5000-6000 per month. The School Review Ratings, Category Ratings and Reviews are updated bi-monthly providing you with accurate up-to-date information.

We are here to help you leverage the addition of our GreatSchools data according to your needs. Feel free to contact sales@onboardinformatics.com or call (646) 488-1550 to discuss a quick implementation of this data. As always, the Onboard team is here to provide you with the service and support you need to stay ahead of the competition amidst market turmoil. Please contact our dedicated support team at support@onboardinformatics.com if you have any questions.

Image Credit: j9sk9s on Flickr.com