Onboard and CoreLogic Working Together


We are excited to announce that Onboard and CoreLogic are working together to provide a comprehensive RESO standards-compliant data management and distribution solution to multiple listing services (MLSs), real estate brokers and vendors.  Any MLS in the country will be able to use this solution to provide RESO Data Dictionary-compliant data via RETS and the new RESO Web API without any modification to their existing MLS software platform. Together with CoreLogic, our solution places the MLS at the forefront of securely managing and distributing listing data via RETS and Web API to members, vendors, publishers and other third parties with flexibility, visibility and control.  Much of this is made possible by Onboard SimplicityTM, our new local data distribution platform that provides a single advanced API interface to access expansive search capabilities and a tremendous array of local data across the country to power websites, mobile apps, back office systems and productivity tools such as CRM.

Onboard Simplicity has been a long time coming, with many in the industry being instrumental in its design and implementation (thank you).  It has been designed to bring together the unrivaled local data aggregation, integration and distribution expertise of the Onboard team with today's most widely adopted access, security and technology standards.  Our initial release of the platform’s capabilities in early Q2 2015 will feature advanced geographic and lifestyle search capabilities and comprehensive data on more than 120 million residential properties and hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods, towns, schools and communities nationwide (with so much more to come!).

Again though, this is about much more than the data.  The technology behind the Onboard Simplicity platform is what stands front and center:

  • Administrative Control and Visibility with built-in access controls, real-time usage analytics and communication tools in a clean and simple interface.
  • Developer-centric RESTful API that lets developers focus their efforts on building great websites and applications, not on chasing and managing data from dozens of sources.
  • An enormous trove of data from hundreds of sources (and growing), including MLS listings (from participating MLSs), property records, taxes and assessments, deeds, sales trends, population demographics, points of interest, schools, geographic boundaries, and much more…all accessible and easy to integrate through the Onboard Simplicity API.
  • Widely adopted standards and technology principles like REST, JSON, OAuth 2.0, RESO Data Dictionary, RETS, and the RESO Web API. By supporting and promoting industry standards,Onboard Simplicity will make it easier and more cost-effective to harness the power of the platform.

There’s so much more to talk about, but we’ll save that for another day (maybe a few).  In the meantime, both Scott Petronis and I are representing Onboard at the Clareity MLS Executive Workshop in sunny Scottsdale, AZ this week (February 25-27, 2015).  If you’re in town for this excellent event, please come on up and say “Hello!”—we’d be happy to tell you more about our relationship with CoreLogic and about where we’re headed with Onboard Simplicity.