On the hunt for retirement bliss


Retirement is no longer a rite of passage for hardworking Americans. The number of older Americans remaining in the workforce has been rising over the last 15 years after dropping steadily for decades. The road to retirement is long and riddled with many questions: Can we afford to stop working? How will I spend my time? Are my investment funds on track?

But perhaps the biggest question (in fact, Time calls it the biggest) is determining where to live. For most seniors, finding the right place to settle down comes with a bag of considerations:

There is no absolute Shangri-la. If you want to live in a city where you can take advantage of cultural attractions, convenient mass transit and excellent doctors and hospitals, you must be prepared to pay up for real estate and endure higher taxes and expenses across the board. Meanwhile, that affordable country home may take you many miles from friends and family, and while a carefully chosen retirement community would certainly provide security (and lots of action if you lean toward organized sporting and social activities), you may find that you miss being near young people. Only you can decide what's important.

Fortunately for retirees, there is a wealth of information for seniors who want to get the richest experiences for their money - in a way that matches their own values and aspirations.

CBS MoneyWatch recently took a close look at six “Best Places to Retire” compilations. As you may know, Onboard Informatics is the market leader in consolidating the relevant lifestyle information seniors can use to find a retirement spot that fits their needs; four of the six publishers reviewed in the MoneyWatch article have come to Onboard for neighborhood and lifestyle information needs. I should note that although we provide base methodology and fact-checking, that criteria and ultimate design of the lists is ultimately in the hands of the publishers. (So please, no hate mail if your town didn’t make the Best Bingo Towns list.)

All jokes aside: at Onboard we know that retirement doesn't mean a gated community in Florida. It means different things to different people. Our content allows end-users to prioritize their needs based on weather, healthcare quality, activities in the neighborhood, financial/economic factors and more.

Generally speaking, areas with low taxes and strong healthcare are sensible choices – but there are some retirees for whom a nearby golf course or fishing community can seal or break the deal. We gather and aggregate the best data to ensure those who’ve spent decades working hard can now enjoy their final years the way they’ve always imagined.

You can see a couple examples of how we’ve done in this in the past here:

Whether you are in the business of selling homes or engaging readers, there are many ways to bring retirement features and retirement search to life. To speak with us on how we can collaborate to provide your consumers with this in-demand lifestyle information, contact us or give us a call at (212) 488-1550.

Image Credit: Pug50 on Flickr.com