NYC's happiest and saddest locations depicted through Twitter


  Courtesy of the New England Complex Systems Institute

When looking for a new neighborhood to live in, especially in a foreign area, you might look up local crime rates, local school ratings, or maybe even local restaurants. Onboard Informatics has been pioneering the data behind these categories as we understand these variables can factor into the difference between a sold home and a vacant house. But what if we could go another step further and directly look up a neighborhood’s local happiness level? By applying a simple filter to narrow down and organize two weeks worth of 603,954 tweets across the larger New York City Metropolitan area, this is now possible for NYC’s eight million inhabitants.

New England Complex Systems Institute has recently utilized Twitter as a means to quantify and map out NYC’s geographical happiness and sadness levels. By applying a simple filter, mainly including variations of smiley and frowny faces (as shown below), the institute was able to take Lifestyle Searches to the next level by producing an accurate map of where NYC’s most miserable locations are as well as its happiest.

Understandably, the least happy settings are in major transportation hubs, including Penn Station, the Brooklyn Bridge, and LaGuardia airport. The number one saddest place in NYC is Maspeth Creek, accredited to its 15-foot-thick layer of oil and petroleum-based pollution referred to as “black mayonnaise”. Conversely, more pleasant areas include Central Park and the New York Botanical Garden while the number one happiest place in New York City is Times Square. In fact, Times Square is such a happy spot that tweets became gradually sadder as they distance further away from the tourist hub.

This innovation and resourceful mapping tactic is one of the many ways to personalize your content, stand out from the competition, and engage more traffic on your platform. Here at Onboard Informatics, we are working with clients to bring new innovations to Lifestyle Search. If you're looking for ideas and solutions that match your strategy, don't hesitate to reach out.

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