NRT Launches New Consumer Website that Leverages the Power of their Brand


The power of a franchise lies in the combination of a strong national brand and a strong regional presence through franchisees.  This is how franchises from McDonalds to Hilton succeed.  You have a franchisee who knows and cares about the local area combined with a brand that’s big enough to be known nationally.  It can be a winning combination. NRT LLC, the largest residential real estate brokerage company in the US, recently capitalized on that winning combination with the launch of their new consumer website  The site combines 17 regional brokers’ sites into one unified force that now represents 50 of the largest 100 US metropolitan areas.    So now instead of independent sites, brokers can enjoy the benefit of a larger online footprint and all the traffic, resources, and other benefits that brings.

This new site is also follows the latest industry trends of creating sites that are mobile-first.  After the Inman conference earlier this month, it became apparent that real estate consumers are doing a majority of their home shopping through a handheld device.  National portals like Zillow are seeing 2/3rds of their online traffic coming from mobile.  With these numbers, it’s crucial to have a site that is mobile-optimized. utilizes local information from Onboard Informatics including community profiles, city and school reports.  They also utilize our partner Maponics for their boundaries.  The information on the site goes beyond those elements however, and includes MLS property listings, virtual tours, interactive maps, and tips for buying and selling a home.  They have created an interactive, engaging online experience.

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