Next Week We Talk Lead Conversions


Join me next Wednesday with DOSS Founder Bobby Bryant, Real Estate Tech Guru Brian Friemel, and Victor Lund from RE Technology as we discuss improving lead conversion in real estate.  Online Leads Don’t Suck (Conversion Rates Do) is about taking your current conversion rates, which typically hover around 1%– and making minimal changes to increase that to 1.5% or 2%. It’s that simple.

Where are leads coming from today?   Most leads, per a 2015 Inman Webinar, come from your network.  The web is the second largest source.  How can we use easy tactics to increase these numbers and to make sure the leads coming in are qualified, contacted, and primed for your agents?



In next week’s webinar, we’ll discuss easy ways to better engage visitors which directly influences lead conversion.  These tactics will work just as well for online visitors as they will for people in your network.

We’ll look at the progression of real estate lead generation from 2006 to today.   And then we’ll look to tomorrow.  We’ll talk to innovative leaders like Bryant on the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the future of real estate, and how we can use some of those principles today to increase closes.   Friemel will use his experience as Executive Vice President of Brokerage Services at LoneWolf and 16 years in real estate technology to discuss proven tactics that make a real impact on revenue.

This isn’t just going to be a few us sitting around talking and it isn’t going to be an hour of me pitching a product.    We want to leave you with real action items for your business.

Listen, I know it’s planning season.  I’m in the middle of budgeting and planning for my own business.  I can promise the ideas and solutions we discuss next week will have direct ramifications on the work you’re doing today.   I hope you’ll join us.  Register here.

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