New Developer Platform from Onboard Makes Accessing Valuable Content Easier


We like our clients.  They take the data we aggregate and build some of the most dynamic and engaging tools in their industries.   So when our clients speak, we listen. Last year, our clients started asking for an easier way to get the valuable content we offer.  The Onboard Developer Platform is a direct reaction to that feedback.

We’ve been beta testing our platform the last six months.  In that time, we’ve had over 150 people sign up and provide insight.  We now feel we’re in a position to invite a larger audience to experience the platform.

This platform offers centralized access to a world of local data - property records, taxes and assessments, deeds, sales trends, boundaries, points of interest and more - to power the websites, mobile apps, and back office systems that keep our clients competitive.  Eventually, all the data you can now find at Onboard will be available here, including community information, school, trends, and more.

Before we developed the platform, accessing this critical data our clients use to engage and attract consumers required an involved security system.  The developer platform is a simpler, faster, and more modern system of delivery while still keeping our client’s security interests at the forefront.

We invite you and your teams to check out the Developer Platform.  There are a lot of exciting things you can do with this data:

We’re looking forward to rolling out some sessions and webinars in the coming weeks and months that walk you through how to effectively build solutions through the platform.  We recently used the platform in a Webinar hosted by Ira Monko on the Property API. Check that out here. If you’re interested in starting immediately, check out our recent blogs on Postman and cURL for pointers on how to most effectively get into the platform and start coding.

In the meantime, we promise we will continue listening.  So if you have suggestions or feedback on the platform or anything else regarding the local and property data that fuels your business, please let us know.  You can reach us at