NAR Midyear: What you missed


I spent the better part of last week at the NAR Midyear convention in DC. Besides the terrible DC traffic, it is always great to be at Mid Year.  There seemed to be a buzz in the air with some new faces and fresh ideas abound. I met with a lot of people, whether it was pre-planned, on the exhibit floor, or at the bar. All great conversations with a lot of intelligent and fun people. If you missed NAR this midyear, below is a short recap on a few of the companies that really caught my eye.  

FindTheBest- Founded by Kevin O’Connor. The newest member of the ZTR club. FindTheBest focuses on helping consumers make informed decisions. They have a mountain of great data that they make publically available and searchable. Their newest product is FindTheHome. It will be a force in the real estate portal world as already receives a similar amount of monthly visitors as Zillow. This should begin to translate to success for their newest innovation in short order.  It was great to get together with Kevin, Alex, Jack and Hilary. Created by Allan Dalton and Larry Vecchio. They are providing agents the opportunity to lock down an exclusive website for specific towns across the country. These sites have especially good traction on Google searches because of the HomesIn name. It’s easy for one to imagine a standard real estate search on Google might look something like this: “homes in New York” or perhaps “homes in San Diego”. Indeed, the “homes in” search term is used by consumers over 100,000,000 times per month, according to Google Ad Words Keyword Tool. HomesIn is helping agents brand themselves as an area expert that provides a potential homebuyer deep local knowledge including schools, fire departments, town history and much more. Looking forward to seeing HomesIn expand rapidly. Nice to meet up with Larry at the show and learn more about HomesIn.

TechScore- The brainchild of Mark Lewyn. TechScore has created an API that grades homes based on their cable, wireless and phone connectivity and capabilities. Zillow recently added this type of content to its site so there certainly seems to be demand for the data. It would not surprise me to see Mark turn TechScore into the next WalkScore. It was great to get to know Mark a little more over lunch.

It was great seeing so many people in the real estate tech world continue to push the boundaries and work towards transparency for the consumer. Looking forward to running into many of these same people again and hopefully many new faces at NAR in New Orleans.