MRIS takes the lead and is the first MLS to launch Lifestyle Search


Onboard Informatics, the premier data and technology services provider to top-tier real estate, media, and technology companies, powers Lifestyle Search for MRIS, Inc., which is featured on This dynamic home search tool allows consumers to identify areas and/or neighborhoods that match their preferred lifestyles, giving homebuyers their best places to live. The Lifestyle Search Engine combines millions of data points with battle-tested analytics to determine the places that best match the user’s input.  Using a sliding scale, consumers rank the importance of the criteria – whether the area is fun, entertaining, has shops and stores, has highly rated schools, is pet friendly, has easy access to public transportation, is family and child friendly or is in rural, urban or downtown area. The engine finds the best matching neighborhoods and ranks the results, providing the consumer with a targeted list of places that fits their criteria.

MRIS understands the importance of community to the consumer and the effect it has on the homebuying process. This is a momentous occasion for MRIS, being that they are the first MLS to offer this capability, leading the efforts to open the door to other MLS’s to provide this tool.