Local data, mass transit, and today's homebuyer


Our staff loves local data. We're a lot like homebuyers in that way. In fact, homebuyers love local data so much so that according to the National Association of Realtor's 2013 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers report, "the top factor influencing where a buyer purchased a home was the quality of the neighborhood. Convenience to work was the second most significant factor with just under half of buyers citing its importance." So local data is kind of a huge deal to today's homebuyers. But don't fear. Local data isn't something that's only greatly beneficial for agents to provide, but something that's not too out of reach to obtain. local dataTake the American Intercity Bus Riders Association. With a little elbow grease , AIBRA developed a nationwide map detailing the mass transit routes of America's trains, buses, and boats. Offering local data context like this to homebuyers sparks their interest. More importantly, it makes them remember and revisit your site . Let's assume a homebuyer is moving from the Big Apple to New Jersey. As shown in the map to the left, New Jersey is pretty well coated in possible mass transit routes. Imagine having homebuyers search and drill into transit options from neighboring towns. And we're only discussing how mass transit data can engage homebuyers at this point. There's also the potential to provide school data, local golf courses, crime rates, how pet friendly different communities are, and the list goes on.

We at Onboard are constantly catering to homebuyers' demand for local data through our Points of Interest, Neighborhood Navigator, and School Attendance Zones (just to name a few).   To provide the local data that homebuyers crave, or if you just want to discuss which New Jersey mass transit route is best for you,  feel free to reach out or comment below.