Looking for an Easier Way to get Onboard's Engaging Content?


Real estate companies and technology providers use local content to engage visitors, prospects, and customers.  We believe local data is powerful.  It builds trust with your brand and your agents, it creates opportunities to engage with prospects, and it ultimately drives revenue. Many of our clients have taken the local data we provide and built custom solutions with our APIs and bulk data.  Now we're making it even easier.

Onboard Accelerate is a convenient way to embed engaging local content into your applications.  Whether you're looking to build personalized emails, engaging property landing pages or an interactive real estate tool, Accelerate makes including the necessary local data easier and faster.   What used to take months of design, development and planning is now available in a fraction of the time.

Accelerate simplifies the development process with an HTML API that delivers local content directly into your solution. This allows you to launch without the cost, hassle, or time of a custom design.   We will have ready-made templates you can use or a custom package where we implement your design.Accelerate Visual #2

At this point, Accelerate is a pilot.  If you're interested in being one of the first to try this solution, we will be showing demos at Inman Connect.  Not going to Inman?  Schedule a demo here.

Our initial offering includes:

  • Enhanced Property Detail
  • Interactive AVM
  • Community Reports
  • Home-Seller Lead Generation

Onboard has always delivered local content that engages consumers.  Now we're trying to make it easier than ever.  If you have questions on this delivery method, please e-mail me at imonko@onboardinformatics.com.  For those attending, I look forward to seeing you at Inman.