Location, location, location....near public transportation


A new study by the American Public Transit Association (APTA) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed that during the last recession, residential real estate performed 41% better on average if located near public transportation with high-frequency service. Not surprising, right? Consideration for the environment and buyers' pocketbooks have come to the forefront of the new buyer's decision to move to an area matching their values. The study also shows buyers are willing to pay more for walkable neighborhoods with access to jobs and amenities such as transit.

Take a few minutes to dive into this great report. We hope you'll also take a minute to consider adding this crucial transit information to your site as well - especially for our existing clients who could add this bit of Local Content fairly quickly.

Smart Growth Home Values Performed Better Near Public Transportation 2013 03 by REALTORS®

Image Credit: Alejandro Mallea on Flickr.com