Local Data and the Primaries: Super Tuesday


Super Tuesday is rapidly approaching. In our continuing series on local data and the primaries we took a moment to explore the population data for all twelve states involved. Last week we looked at the South Carolina and Nevada primaries, to see how their populations compared to each other and the national average

Looking at areas of interest is a great way to showcase the power of local data. If you’re interested in using local data to build your business or to provide data-driven content, contact us today.

We all know that voter age can play a big role in who turns out to vote - and how they vote. The Super Tuesday states show wide variation in age group population.

Our Housing and Financial data show some of the biggest differences between Super Tuesday states. People often vote with the pocketbook, and we see huge differences in income, taxes, and real estate values across the country. How will that impact the vote?

Marital status correlates to several important voting factors including age, religion and education.

How educated we are ties to many factors - our backgrounds, where we live, income and family structure. The issues we care about are tied to our experience and can heavily impact how we vote.