What Does Local Data Mean to the Oscar Nominees?


The Oscars were announced this morning.  At Onboard, we understand the power of your local area, and we wondered if the birthplace of the nominees had any influence on their later artistic successes.  So we found the birthplaces of all the nominees and came to the following conclusions. It helps if you’re foreign!

52% of the nominees were born outside of the US, with the majority coming from the UK.  While Lenny Abrahamson, who directed Room was born in Ireland, Saoirse Ronan who played an Irish lass in Brooklyn was actually born in the Bronx!  Cate Blanchett has the farthest birthplace from LA.  Her hometown of Melbourne, Australia is nearly 8,000 miles from Hollywood and takes 15 hours by air.

East Coast versus West

Half of the American nominees were born on the east coast, most of them in New York.  33% of the Americans were west coasters – all hailing from Southern California.  Perhaps the call of Hollywood was stronger coming from their backyards.  Overall though – the East Coast is more dominant force this year, not only in birthplaces, but in the settings too – four of the best picture nominees (Big Short, Spotlight, Bridge of Spies, and Brooklyn) take place on the east coast.

Movie Theatre Influence

Movie theaters and movie stars seem to correlate; the cities that have the most theaters also happen to have the most nominees. New York City has 332 theaters, Los Angeles has 203, while other major cities --  with less nominees -- typically had well under 100 listed movie theaters. *Movie theater counts sourced from publicly available list of businesses.

Below is the breakdown of the nominees and their places of birth.  Wherever they were born, they will all be in LA in late February to possibly pick up a golden statue.  If you're interested in seeing how local data can bring some victories to your business, contact us today.




Best Director

Name Movie Birthplace
George Miller Mad Max: Fury Road Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu The Revenant Mexico City, Mexico
Tom McCarthy Spotlight New Providence, New Jersey, USA
Adam McKay The Big Short Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Lenny Abrahamson Room Dublin, Ireland

Best Actor

Name Movie Birthplace
Leonardo DiCaprio,  The Revenant Hollywood, California, USA
Bryan Cranston Trumbo Hollywood, California, USA
Michael Fassbender Steve Jobs Heidelberg, Germany
Eddie Redmayne The Danish Girl London, England, UK
Matt Damon The Martian Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Best Actress

Name Movie Birthplace
Brie Larson Room Sacramento, California, USA
Cate Blanchett Carol Melbourne, Australia
Charlotte Rampling 45 Years Sturmer, Essex, England, UK
Saoirse Ronan Brooklyn The Bronx, New York, USA
Jennifer Lawrence Joy Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Best Supporting Actor

Name Movie Birthplace
Mark Ruffalo Spotlight Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
Sylvester Stallone Creed New York City, New York, USA
Mark Rylance Bridge of Spies Ashford, Kent, England, UK
Christian Bale The Big Short Haverfordwest, Wales, UK
Tom Hardy The Revenant London, England UK

Best Supporting Actress

Name Movie Birthplace
Rooney Mara Carol Bedford, New York, USA
Kate Winslet Steve Jobs Berkshire, England, UK
Alician Vikander The Danish Girl Gothenburg län, Sweden
Jennifer Jason Leigh The Hateful Eight Hollywood, California, USA
Rachel McAdams Spotlight London, Ontario, Canada