Live Demo of Onboard's Engagement System


This week Onboard CEO and Co-Founder Marc Siden and Chief Product Officer Scott Petronis hosted a demo of Onboard's data-driven consumer engagement system.  The system takes what you're already doing to build sales - content marketing, lead capture, nurture campaigns - and enhances it with data.  The results are incredible:

  • 59% open rates on introductory emails (industry average is 18.4%)
  • 39% average open rates after 5 months
  • 20% average click-through rates after 5 months
  • 3 minute average time on site (industry average is 45 seconds)

The system uses content to drive people to your site or a dedicated landing page, keep people engaged online, and convert at a higher rate.   The engagement system converts at 46% compared to the industry average of 2.35%.

After leads convert, you receive an instant notification with basic information on that lead to inform your agents on next steps.  Those same leads are automatically entered into a drip marketing system that sends alerts on the property of interest.  When things around that property change - home sales, estimated value, even air quality - they receive an alert.  Because the content is personalized, key engagement rates like open and click-through rates are double industry averages.   Every alert includes your branding and contact information, so you stay top-of-mind regardless of how long it takes that lead to make a purchase decision.

The system improves what you're doing today to generate and convert leads by infusing data into the process.  To see exactly how this engagement system works, watch the demo below.  If you want to learn more, please fill out the form below.

[embedvideo id="SxlxHd3rptw" website="youtube"]