Listingbook Hits 100,000 Agent Milestone


Listingbook aims to make the home sales process enjoyable. It’s not often you hear a success story about a company’s dramatic growth during the downturn - and it’s unheard of to witness a company’s expansion by almost 200% in a year.

Our client Listingbook has done just that.

Since last year, the online client-servicing tool provider has grown to over 100,000 registered agents, up 187% from last year. Listingbook’s splash in the real estate industry is accompanied by 241% more consumers logging in from last year to use the customer portal in the process of buying a home.

More than just a property search site, Listingbook empowers agents in today’s “need to know, want-it-now environment” says Michael Ondrejko, Listingbook SVP of Operations.

According to Ondrejko, Listingbook's rapid growth can be attributed to the company's ability to supply its users with Onboard Informatics' local neighborhood information. Paired with this comprehensive local information, Listingbook's superior productivity and marketing tools have powered their outstanding market share in the agent community.

Listingbook offers brokers, agents, and consumers local market knowledge through Onboard’s community, school, and amenities data sets. The demographic and neighborhood content accompanies each listing to agents who have upgraded Listingbook accounts and their clients, giving them a full understanding of the communities they are considering.

“Consumers want to make an informed decision about where they will live. It is the agent’s job to give that to them,” Ondrejko said.

In its eight years, Ondrejko says Listingbook has evolved and channeled its many lessons learned into a quickly-growing force in the real estate industry that keeps the agent in the center of the real estate transaction process. With continual advancements in user interface design, relevancy, and scalability, Listingbook is not complacent even with 100,000 agents on its roster - and expects even more future growth.