The Lifestyle Search you haven't seen yet


The recent launches of our Lifestyle Search Engine by Baird & Warner and Active Web are part of yet another exciting time for us; these newest additions to the Lifestyle Search force are reminders of how a new innovation has been conceptualized and brought to the market by the first wave of brand leaders who took the concept and ran with it. By now hopefully you've seen what our clients have done with Lifestyle Search. But even with over a half a dozen clients utilizing it, perhaps the most exciting part of where we’re at today is the part of Lifestyle Search that we haven’t yet seen.

Let me explain. While Lifestyle Search is a relatively new concept, a legitimate concern as with any developing product, is differentiation.

"Some of the biggest companies have already come out with Lifestyle Search. How can my brand be different?”

You can’t blame someone for not wanting to play catch-up in a space where "catch-up" can feel like triathlon training. Vision and consensus, budget and development, QA testing and launch efforts don't come easy (or  –  unabashed plug – in the dark, without our help). That's why when our Product team brought Lifestyle Search Engine to life, one of the first things they thought of was creating market leaders that can even co-exist within the same marketplace.

Back to the current launches (and here is where I apologize if any of our clients have become bug-eyed my prior statement): defining the "lifestyle" part of it is as much about how these search criteria fit your brand as it is in reference to the untapped preferences of a buyer.

When we say Lifestyle Search, we could mean:

  • A slider-based development, as many of our clients have implemented
  • Drop-downs (in lieu of sliders) plugged into lead forms or preference statements
  • The ability to segment your users the way you would in a marketing campaign ("here's a page for retirees with a search of the things they think are important; here’s a page for first-time buyers")
  • Widgets pushed downstream to your agents to add to your bottom line
  • An endless supply of blog content to fuel your hyperlocal SEO (“10 best golf towns in my county”) through use of the widget or API
  • However you interpret over 50 ways to filter and refine the user's results

Fortunately for the broad market we had in mind when we built this thing, many of the above have yet to be taken advantage of. And of those that have, creating an identical search experience is almost out of the question.

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