2015 Best Practices of Real Estate Lead Generation


Lead generation is a necessity for any company, big or small. If you don’t have a clear, defined lead generation strategy, you’re placing yourself in a position where you’re counting on strangers to submit their contact information to you by chance, which seems hardly effective. There are plenty of tactics and strategies to generating leads. But for those of us who aren't lead generation experts, or at the very least could benefit from a few more leads coming their way, what lead generation practices seem to work best so far in 2015?

Exchanging Information with Website Visitors

One of the most effective, straight-forward ways to generate leads is to offer unique information in exchange for contact information. Typically in real estate, this has been primarily fueled through Automated Valuation Models over the past decade. But even today we’re seeing companies such as AddressReport, Porch and others being praised by Inman for leveraging property reports to generate leads. So if you have information your audience would be interested in, but would have trouble finding elsewhere (even if it’s as common as an informative newsletter), offering that content in exchange for contact information could be your lead generation bread and butter.

Focusing on Design

Implementing a Conversion-Centered-Design could take even successful lead generation strategies and escalate them to new heights. From which colors to use for your Call to Action button, to which text sizes to use and how much white space to leave, optimizing your website and pages therein to provide the best experience to your users has shown to increase their likeliness to convert to a lead. This article from Inbound Now can get you started with Conversion-Centered-Design.

Optimizing Design

A website design is never finished. Using A/B testing to see which features are most effective or using Google Analytics to see which website pages your traffic drops off from could help you better funnel your traffic to your contact forms and increase conversions as well.

Remaining Timely by Being Automated

It’s difficult to be everywhere at once, but you can generate leads through social media by reaching out to people when they post or tweet that they’re looking for a home in your area. This article from Showing Suite walks you through using IFTTT recipes to setup notifications so you can find and generate leads early in their home buying lifecycle.

Building Referral Networks

Another great way to generate leads is to build a referral network among local plumbers, electricians, cleaning services, landscapers and more. By referring your new home buyers to them, you generate the goodwill for them to return the favor whenever anyone needs to move. This article from Website Box can tell you more on how and why you should create a referral network for lead generation. If you’re interested in pursuing this, there’s also Dizzle; a service that generates agent apps that feature vendor recommendations to recent home buyers.

Keeping in Touch

Lead Generation doesn't stop with lead generation. Nurturing leads through drip marketing email campaigns and assessing which leads are most qualified through email marketing are just two things you could be doing to better cultivate and qualify your leads. This article from IXACT Contact can tell you more.