It’s not the size of the data file, it’s how you use it


Onboard and its principals have been in this data game for almost 20 years.  (Adding up all of our ages and telling you that we have over a 100 years experience is, well…just creepy.)   I digress.  Over the years we have vied for business with some amazing companies.  In the beginning we were consumed with file envy.  We worried that because LPS had 200 more counties of property data or that E-neighborhoods covered more schools that we couldn’t compete.  Turns out we were focused on the wrong idea. It became clear that the number of schools or counties or shape files really didn’t matter to our clients.  What they cared about was providing a comprehensive and robust customer experience packed with a full breadth of accurate, up-to-date data. While a bit tangential to my analogy, most clients cared even less where we procured the data as long as it fit the criteria above.

While we are WAY above average, we don't need to have the biggest file on the block.  It is more important to help our clients install this data in ways that will drive more traffic, engage users in a more meaningful way, and convert those users into long-term customers. At the end of the day we help drive a significant ROI for our clients.  All the data in the world can’t do that, but 100 years of experience sure can.

There are great companies out there who can brag about their data coverage, but unless they can explain how 50 more counties will increase your SEO results, or convert more leads, or even create a return on that investment, their data won’t produce the results you need.  Do they have experience using their data to create a robust experience?  Will the data sync up with your existing systems or will you be forced to use multiple data sources? After 20 years of competing with some of these companies, we’re now partnering with them to accomplish exactly what our clients need: Best-in-class data with great coverage and the experience to implement this data to meet real business needs.

Let’s not be fooled by fancy marketing slicks, cheesy infographics, and frankly BS to cover up for the fact that file size is really unimpressive if you don't know how to use it

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