Iowa Home Sales XML Service and Home Sales Transactions Reports


We would like to keep all of our customers updated on an issue that was recently brought to our attention. An issue impacting collection of property records has arisen that impacts the state of Iowa. This issue impacts ALL property records vendors and collection.

Onboard Products impacted: Home Sales XML service and Home Sales Transactions reports.

Identified Issue: The state of Iowa has restricted access to the website and services through which it distributes transaction data. The basis for this restriction is a concern over privacy rights and the availability of social security information. While Onboard does not in fact access that kind of information, the state has determined that it must modify the system so that Onboard and other parties would have no ability to do so.

The ICRA (Iowa County Recorders Association) is actively investigating options to modify the website and systems to meet the privacy concerns. We have been informed that until such a solution is implemented access will not be provided to the transaction information. No timetable has yet been set by the ICRA for implementing a resolution.

Onboard is actively pursuing alternative sources for our collection.

Scope of Impact: The overall impact of this issue, on a national scale, is very small. In order to illustrate the limited impact of this issue for our clients, we have analyzed the volume of sales transaction over the past year from Iowa as compared to the entire database. Iowa accounts for approximately 1.5% of sales transactions in our dataset.

Expected Activities: Please contact us at or through your Relationship Manager with any questions. As soon as we have a quality resolution in place we will notify you.

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